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You are one of the QUICKEST, EASIEST people to do business with.
You are awesome. I hope I can sell more items you rep ....its hard to find great sales
people. You are quick to reply with all the info we would need, I appreciate all of
your help and professionalism!  Hard to find these days..thank you!!!!

April Russo
Inside Sales
All-Phase Electric Supply -CED

T1-2 Package Feedback

Yes, please order me a 5" cutter, but send me the 51/2"cutter and tip blade as soon as possible. The machine is excellent. We have tapped two holes and it's very easy, I like the forward feed on this machine, I can feel how it it is cutting into the pipe. Also the powerful motor goes with ease, no strain and I like the way it is built onto the machine, all I have to do is press the button, my other machine has an air motor and I have to hold it and it is hard on my arms. I'm sorry I did not have this machine sooner, it would have made life a lot easier. Anyways, have a nice day and enjoy life.
Yours Sincerely,
HB Plumbing, Australia

HB Plumbing In Australia is happy with their T-24e

I would like to comment with you that the machine T-30H is an excellent machine to perform very accurate hot tapping jobs.  The work done is not very aggressive on the pipe to drill.
When I perform hot tapping jobs on the pipe to drill, the unit works efficiently with its Stanley power unit, and the mechanical impact on the pipe is not very severe. The jobs are performed in a very short time. I have bought from you the T46-60  and we are about to perform a hot tapping job of  24".  I will let you know in due time which were the results, which I am sure they will be outstanding.
Greetings to you all



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Alejandro with the T30 Hottap Machine   T46+ Hottap Machine aka The Big Louie Coupon Angle   Alejandro with T46+ Hottap Machine aka The Big Louie Connected to Oil Rig  Alejandro with T46+ Hottap Machine aka The Big Louie Connected to Oil Rig
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